Cancer Birthstone

There have been a lot of incidences of bloodshed in all parts of the world so as to satiate the desire of having and owning Emerald, a magnificent gem. Apart from this, mining this gemstone itself is a dangerous task and becomes even more hazardous because human greed thus risking lives of so many labours working in them. The word Emerald, the cancer birthstone, is understood to be an altered form of Latin term ‘Smaragdus’. Mythology is full of folklore that symbolize emerald to secretive powers, staying forever youth and in romance. Initial discovery of emerald mines dates back to the first decade of nineteenth century, known as Cleopatra mines of Egypt but Colombian history largely resembles with the Egyptian narration. 

Emerald mines, found in Asian countries like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, some countries of Europe and Africa, are quite popularly known. American countries seem to have developed some rare variants of this gemstone and their production from North Carolina and Vancouver reaches all over the world. Basically extracted from Beryl, the purest form of emerald, values equivalent to diamond and it can be equally expensive too. Beryl used for this purpose itself is a distinctly red variant of beryllium. 

Besides being recognised as a gemstone that infused supernatural powers such as the ability to predict accurately, emerald was believed to bless its bearer with a sharp memory and increase his level of brilliance. Good health and strong immunity were understood to be quite obvious having emerald in one’s charge. It is quite evident that empires during Mogul reign in India were too fond of emerald and had this gemstone emblazoned with the holy books and considered it a must for making the luck shine over them. Growth of Jaipur, the capital Rajasthan, as a leading market in emerald cutting is not by chance. 

Emerald can especially bring delight in the lives of Cancer individuals especially in eradicating off-putting energies or evil powers, and maintaining equilibrium amongst individual’s professional, and personal life. If advised for, such individuals should attempt at positioning emerald both at the workplace and home, so as to see improvement in both sides of life. Healing powers of emerald are exceptional and it can cure the deadliest of diseases such as cancer. But it is advisable that therapeutic application of emerald be done only under supervision of a gemstone master and a medical practitioner. Emerald has powers to attract a man or woman into its bearer’s life, if a specific bathing process is followed about using it.

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