August Birthstone

Peculiarly high radiance of Peridot, the August birthstone, separates it from many other gemstones. Its history dates back to the year 1500 B.C. when peridot mines got noticed at an island Sebirget, which is now known as St. John’s & is located near Egypt, besides Red Sea. Though periodts were identified as miniature crystals and a typical green shade, it was not easy to spot them in the day time. For this reason, workers had to do get into mines at night for demarking the exact ones and then carry on with extraction in the morning. The island also had poisonous snakes often risking the lives of the labours. To counter this, the reigning Egyptian king managed to keep the snakes away and got the mines freed from them thus making the extraction work secure and easy. 

This birthstone of August, was also known as “gem of sun” because its exceptional glow. It was also the belief that said holding the gem could keep darkness at bay - behind the name it was given. There is another conviction according to which being worn as earrings, its shine can convert softest of a sound to be heard audibly. Sensible thinking, calm and composed temperament, influential communiqué, warding off evils and putting off any dangers of night were considered to be the add-on benefits for a peridot wearer. But it was also considered important that this gemstone gets worn with gold. Resisting one from deceits of cruel spirits, elderly would advise to have peridot tied to the left arm but interestingly enough, it needed to be pierced in an ass’s hair and not by the usual thread! However, even in the modern times, peridot is considered to be favourable for a happy married life. 

Healing effects of peridot were not less admired either. Ancient people crushed it into powder for asthmatic disorders and would consume it for controlling the body temperature, when in fever. Some false practices came into picture after the crusaders robbed them, took them to the cathedrals of Europe and dedicated their evening gleam as an emerald, naming them as Evening Emerald. 

Sardonyx is another August birthstone which is known to render courage to its bearer. Its special significance lies in empowering a timid lover to speak up his or her mind, and for those who are conscious while delivering a speech. Also associated with sardonyx were the healing powers of curing camps, moles, evil eyes and eradicating cruelty from one’s mind.

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