Aries Birthstone

Bloodstone, the birthstone for those having Aries as their sun sign, has a folklore associated to its emergence. According to this mythological incidence, blood dripping during crucifixion fell upon jasper stones that lay around the cross, leaving red marks over them. These jasper stones later on got known as Bloodstones. While retaining the age old significance of jasper in decoding rival’s plots or facing challenges courageously, it became even more powerful with a touch of divinity. As an exceptional attribute of jasper, its holder could become indiscernible, when it is wore with specific enchantments. Furthermore, its bearer was said to have guaranteed triumph howsoever tough a situation may seem, at the same time preserving his serene mental state. 

In ancient Egypt, people fondly wore jasper in the thumb ring. Sun being their deity, sun rays designed over jasper was a symbol of carrying its power all the time. Besides, because it is a stone less likely to be polished, you can see many antique things such as furniture and containers, which either had strips of jasper or completely made from it. Astrologers recommended wearing bloodstone so as to enjoy physical and mental strength and acclaimed this stone as an insignia of energy, valour and wisdom. Romans were known to be a big fanatic of bloodstone because of the magical powers that came handily with it, helped them to enhance fortitude. Another significance of bloodstone was believed to be its capability to protect oneself from noxious creatures like snake, scorpion, etc. This is why people in the profession of farming or gardening essentially wore bloodstone. 

Individuals having Aries as their sun sign are prone to excessive bleeding or haemorrhage. Bloodstone, being such a gemstone that is believed to be holding the divine spots since the time of crucifixion, proves to be a great reliever in that aspect. It also ensures cleansing of blood vessels, kidney, bladder and other organs that carry blood in our body thus saving them from any type of contamination and reducing possibilities of stomach or abdominal pains, which are yet other health concern for Aries men and women. 

So as to manage personality traits of Aries individuals such as a short temper and an unpredictable behaviour, the goodness associated with Bloodstone helps them prevent any unforeseen situations arising due to this and also strength to overcome, if met with. Bloodstone wearers coming from Aries can also win friends too often and may develop strong personal and professional relationships. They may also get into leading positions in later stages of life.

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