Aquarius Birthstone

There are different birthstones for the twelve months of the year. Garnet is considered the birthstone for the zodiac sign Aquarius. Couples can wear it on their 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary. This particular gem according to gemologists symbolizes faith and truth. In the olden times, garnets were used as a medicine that was a good remedy for hemorrhage and inflammatory diseases. Garnets were used as bullets by the Asiatic warriors as it was capable of inflicting severe wounds on the enemies. The Hanza tribesmen in Kashmir fired garnet bullets on British soldiers in 1892 due to the same reason.

In the modern times this gem is a symbol for a pure heart, a person that is loyal and lasting affections. The "garnet" word has been derived from the Latin word "granatum". It means pomegranate. This is because the crystals look very similar to the red colored seed of this fruit. Garnet is not just a red gemstone, but it exists in different colors as well. You can find a black garnet, different shades of red and green are also there, and you can even find garnets that are colorless. These different colors in garnets come from various metals like manganese, calcium, aluminum and a metal like iron. Some garnets contain mineral fibers. These give an illusion of four- or six-rayed star inside the stone. Among the garnets, the green garnets are usually expensive and also extremely rare. The stones that are emerald green and colorless are of great value, these are followed by garnets in pure red.

You may like to know where these gems are found. Well, they can be found in streams in the form of small pebbles. They are usually found inside weathered igneous and metamorphic rocks. Normally, you can find them in many places around the world. It includes North and South America, Spain, Australia, Asia and even in India. You will be amazed to know that garnet jewelry dating back to the Bronze Age was found in the former Czechoslovakia. Necklaces made of garnet stones were found in the graves of lake dwellers. Garnet jewelry was worn in Egypt in the ancient years in 3100 B.C. Women wore it in 2300 B.C. in a country like Sumeria, and also 2000-1000 B.C. in Sweden. People in Greece treasured these gems in the 3rd and 4th century. Garnets were popular in Roman times too. Garnet jewelry was worn by the Pre-Columbia Aztecs and also by the Native Americans.

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