April Birthstone

Diamond, the status symbol of modern day lifestyle, is one of the most precious gemstones and one amongst the April birthstones. What has enthralled men and women about diamond for centuries is the radiance it carries. Combined with gold and silver, diamonds produce some of the most appealing jewelleries. Therefore, it is no more surprising that even those individuals, who are not April born, choose to wear diamonds. The mythological significance of diamond has been tremendous because of the lightening effect it carries. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu carried it in the form of “vajra”, as his weapon. Besides the radiance, this gemstone is also known for its invincible powers. Strangely enough, diamond happens to be the hardest stone available on the globe. 

Diamonds are not just popular in the modern times but have been well-liked since ages. They once were embedded in swords, crowns, crests, etc in earlier times. Like a few other gemstones, diamonds are also known for their healing properties. Admired across the world, they are mostly found in Australia, Soviet Union, Africa and India. The more proficiently a diamond is cut, the more stylish it looks and its value also increases. 

Diamonds come in a variety of colours. They have a very squat reactivity to chemicals, high diffusion as well as high refraction. And of course, diamonds are known for its solidity and robustness. There is no substance on this earth that can bring scratch on a diamond and it is only a diamond that can scratch another diamond. 

Diamonds are emblematically for everlasting love, trust and purity. It is the best gift you can give to your spouse or a loved one. 

However, with all its qualities, this gemstone also comes at a good amount of price. In order to acquire a diamond studded ornament you are required to shell out a huge amount of money. Though it is recommended for those born in the month of April, people who cannot afford this gemstone can opt for other April birthstones such as Sapphire, Opal or Quartz. These gemstones can be worn in place of diamonds for astrological purposes. Although even these stones are not available at a low price, they are comparatively cheaper. 

Thus, you have a variety of birthstones to choose from, if you are born in the month of April. You can get any of them embedded in a ring or any other jewellery piece and enjoy the benefits they offer.  

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