Birthstone by Month

There are different birthstones for the twelve monthsof the year. Birthstones  are very much influenced by the cosmic powers of the planets.

Garnet is the birthstone for January. Garnet is considered the January birthstone. Couples can wear it on their 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary. In the modern times this gem is a symbol for a pure heart, a person that is loyal and lasting affections. The "garnet" word has been derived from the Latin word "granatum”. It means pomegranate. This is because the crystals look very similar to the red colored seed of this fruit.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. This beautiful gemstone has a bright violet color. It brings good luck to the wearer and has amazing powers. It can also keep evil spirits at bay. These gems have a wide color range from pale lilac to a color such as deep purple.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. This gem symbolizes sympathy, friendship, trust and harmony. It has different colors ranging from pale to light yellowish blue to deep blue. The intensity of the gem decides the price.

Diamond is the birthstone for April. As we know it is the most expensive gemstone. Diamonds are judged by the color, cut, carat and also by the clarity. These distinct properties decide the appearance and the durability of the gem. The gem is a symbol of true love, passion and commitment.

Emerald is the birthstone for May. This gem has healing powers and has a beautiful green color. Kings use to wear it in the past. It symbolizes clairvoyance, commitment and love.

Pearl is the birthstone for June. This gem is known for its inner glow and luminance. It is a symbol of beauty, happiness, wealth and love.

Ruby is the birthstone for July. It has an intense red color. It can bring peace and prosperity. This gem has medicinal and healing powers too.

Peridot  is the birthstone for August. This gem is green in color and symbolizes influence and great power.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. This gem is not only available in blue color, but also in different colors. It enhances wisdom and clear thinking.

Opal is the birthstone for October. This gem is found in almost every shade of each color. It brings hope and harmony to the people born this month.

Topaz is the birthstone for November. This gem has colors such as shades of brown and yellow. One who wears the stone gets along life and it also offers fidelity. This gem is a symbol of beauty, joy as well as splendor.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December. This gem is meant for good fortune and prosperity. People who wear it have good health and peace.

September Birthstone

A nineteenth century voyager and the person who translated Arabian Nights, Sir Richard Burton, often had luck at his side because of a large gemstone he carried with him. This gemstone was sapphire, which is known as a September birthstone. Burton got so much facilitated with sapphire that his travels always got hassle free and logistics came his way quite easily, wherever and whenever he wanted them. Significance of


October Birthstone

Origin of the October birthstone Opal can be seen in the three ancient languages. While this name looks derived from “Upala” the Sanskrit word, it also comes from “Opulus” in Latin and “Paederos” in Roman. Interestingly, people in ancient times believed that wearing Opal with specific enchantments can bless them with the powers to get indispensable. They strongly considered it a talisman and an element to gain wisdom in


January Birthstone

Greek mythology has lots relevance about a gem known as grantum which gets identified as garnet in modern days. As a January birthstone, garnet is one of the most renowned gemstones and its folklore goes about Noah, who used the innate fire of garnet to illuminate his bow and spread out over the ocean. In ancient Egypt, the glow of this gemstone got used in handmade ornaments as also


November Birthstone

A unique gemstone Topaz is known for its existence in various hues and for its significance as a November birthstone. The yellow, pink, brown, blue and red shades of topaz have been well utilized by Oscar Wilde in his tales to represent elements such as eyes of a tiger or a pigeon. The name topaz is also referred to as fire in the ancient language Sanskrit and one can


February Birthstone

Amethyst, is a February birthstone and is to known to be belonging to quartz family. Apart from the properties for which this gemstone is known, it also has a unique legend associated. When Bacchus, the wine-god got furious over a trivial with a beautiful goddess Dianna, he restricted anyone’s entry to his forests and the first person entering would be gulped down by his tigers. A virgin worshipper of


May Birthstone

Mythological incidences attached with gemstones are at times hilariously interesting and amongst the May birthstones, Emerald is one such gem. The Peruvians, having found an emerald which was sized as of an ostrich’s egg, called it the goddess. This special emerald was such an asset that common people could not see it except on some special events. It is said that utilizing this as opportunity, priests tempted the devotees


December Birthstone

As the only gemstone that is free from any sort of mythological significance, Tanzanite, is well identified as a December birthstone. Its popularity can be dedicated to its unique blue-purple hue, which very much resembles to the shades carried in Amethyst and Sapphire. This combo is so distinct that one gets the feel of an enticing blue shade of the sapphire and the kingly purple of amethyst at one


March Birthstone

As the word Aqua quite obviously refers water, the name Aquamarine of this pale blue coloured gemstone is very much connected to the colour of seawater. Historic significance of “Aqua marinus” in Latin refers to the seawater because sailors preserved it as a talisman and believed it as their protective shell from the unforeseen dangers during their voyages over sea. As a result, “Poseidon riding a chariot” was the


August Birthstone

Peculiarly high radiance of Peridot, the August birthstone, separates it from many other gemstones. Its history dates back to the year 1500 B.C. when peridot mines got noticed at an island Sebirget, which is now known as St. John’s & is located near Egypt, besides Red Sea. Though periodts were identified as miniature crystals and a typical green shade, it was not easy to spot them in the day


June Birthstone

Pearl, the June birthstone, got popularized by the Hindus, Persians and Egyptians who were the first to identify its significance. Further, this fondness tempted Romans too who made it an icon of appreciation and their liking towards this Pearl as a gemstone got so bizarre they had pearls to shimmer every type of property they owned. There is historic relevance about Julius Caesar who had a huge assortment of


April Birthstone

Diamond, the status symbol of modern day lifestyle, is one of the most precious gemstones and one amongst the April birthstones. What has enthralled men and women about diamond for centuries is the radiance it carries. Combined with gold and silver, diamonds produce some of the most appealing jewelleries. Therefore, it is no more surprising that even those individuals, who are not April born, choose to wear diamonds. The


July Birthstone

Amongst all the gemstones that are derived as July birthstones, Ruby carries a special significance. This fact gets well confirmed when we get into its mythological relevance of various civilizations. As an important factor, ruby appears as a gemstone in almost every society’s folklore which reiterate this as a gem that promised everything from power to possession and popularity to pelf in the life of its wearer. This was


Virgo Birthstone

Virgo birthstone Carnelian gained vast popularity in Islamic countries given the fact this gemstone was wore by Mohammad. Its mythological importance depicts in the form of its profound use by travellers for safety from evil forces not only during the life’s journey but also after life. A wearer of carnelian was not required to worry about blood purification coming as its inherent