You and the September 5th New Moon in Virgo

You and the September 5th New Moon in VirgoSeptember 5th brings us the new moon in Virgo for 2013. So what does this mean for you? For all of us? What is the significance of the new moon and what is the significance of the moon in Virgo? Once a year there is a new moon falling within each of the Sun Signs in western astrology.

The new moon in Virgo on Sept. 5th, 2013 is a very special one. This new moon in Virgo is a wealthy and good fortune oriented time. It is a time that lends itself to making fresh starts. It is also aligned with a variety of fixed wealth stars.

The Star of David

When the new moon is in Virgo you will be able to attract new prosperity and wealth into your life. It reactivates and realigns with the same energies that caused the Twin Star of David to form on August 26th, 2013. The Star of David might also be called a Double Grand Trine, Grand Sextile and the Star of Venus.

These energies combined with the energies of the new moon offer us the chance to integrate different aspects of ourselves to make a more complete whole. The water and earth signs that make up the Twin Star of David are feminine. With these energies, we can release any self-doubt, self-abuse or self-destruction. The energies of this new moon in Virgo are similar to the Twin Star of David and move us to end injustice to animals, nature, women, and children. This is an opportunity for a fresh start in all those areas of life that Virgo influences.

The new moon in Virgo also indicates there may be some obstacles and challenges in your way, but once you overcome them you will be stronger. In the end you love the challenge itself as well as the rewards. Virgo is a healer and then new moon indicates new beginnings in the areas of healing, health and service.

Alignment with Jupiter

This particular Virgo new moon is in conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This alignment allows for strong communication and networking events. This also brings the prospect of abundance into our lives at the new moon. This new moon is also a time for taking action, for doing rather than contemplating. Do something physical.

This is good time to take time alone to visualize and set your future goals. This is a great time for reviewing where you have been, what you have accomplished, and what you want to accomplish next. It may seem contradictory that it is a time for taking action, but at the same time it is perfect for self-analysis on the way to self-actualization.

Under the new moon of Virgo you can work to make yourself better and strive to perfection through self-analysis. You can come to understand what your values are, how do you process as you go through life and touch your creativity. The new moon in Virgo can start a life changing process if you let it.

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