Will Kate Middleton Have a Leo? Royal Baby Astrology

Royal Baby AstrologyAs we move closer and closer to July 22, thoughts move to whether or not the child of Prince William and Kate Middleton will indeed be a Leo. Does it matter? Of course it does if you believe the tenets of astrological studies. To be born in Cancer is to have very different characteristics to your personality than if you are born in Leo.

Susan Miller, the most recognized international astrologer still believes that Cancer is the sign under which the royal child will be born. Why? It seems the preponderance of Cancers in the royal blood line is a strong indicator that this child will also be a Cancer. Prince William is himself a Cancer, as is Kate Middleton’s father, William’s mother Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles.

This leads Susan to believe that the baby will also share this sign of Cancer and be born before July 22, 2013. However, she does moderate this belief with the consideration that the sign of the monarch – so prominent in the British Royal Crest – is the lion of Leo, and the fact that an overwhelming number of babies come into this world on the full moon which in July will move us into Leo. Even given this Susan still stands by her sense that Cancer is so prominent in the royal line that this future monarch will be born in the next few days.

Susan is the most prominent astrologist with this belief in Cancer but there are many others. There are also many good reasons to believe that this future monarch will be born under that royal lion sign of Leo. There are many who see the royal signature in the stars and Leo is very prominent in all of this even if the baby is born in Cancer. This is because Ceres in Leo is constant for the entire month of July. Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret both carry Ceres in Leo. Prince Charles also carries Ceres in Leo as will this new child no matter when the birth occurs.

So regardless of whether this royal baby is born under Cancer or Leo, the Lion of Leo will be eminently present in her/his life. With time running out on Cancer, it would take a birth in the next day for the future monarch not to be a Leo. Now Leo is associated with royalty and in particular with British royalty as mentioned before. Leo is a very good sign for British royalty as well according to Dr. Elizabeth Hurren, University of Leicester. She claims the royals have fared better with Leo rather than Cancer. Many British monarchs who were Cancers had volatile and temperamental traits to their personality. Few royals would want to be linked with Henry VIII who was a Cancer.

So will Kate Middleton have a Leo? We will not have to wait much longer to find out. Cancer or Leo this child will be welcomed by the world with arms full of joy and expectation.

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