Why Your Birth Chart Matters

Your Birth Chart If you’ve been lucky enough to have your birth chart done, then you realize just how much information the stars can tell you. But how do you learn about yourself when you’re not sure how to read the chart itself? It can help, at first, to focus on three main things that make up your chart – your sun sign, your moon sign, and your ascendant. Once you begin to see how these fit into your life and how they inform your daily experience, you will begin to see who you are and what you bring to this world.

Your Sun Sign – Who You Are

Nearly everyone understands their Sun Sign, or their traditional horoscope sign. This is determined by when you were born on the calendar and it begins to show you who you are as a person. When you look at the description of your Sun Sign, you might begin to resonate with some of the descriptive words, and you will begin to see how you might be fitting in with your natural state…

or how you might not. If you should find that your qualities aren’t like those of your Sun Sign, then you may want to ask yourself whether there is something that’s holding you back from expressing your true self. While not everyone matches all of their Sun Sign’s qualities, knowing what they are can show you a bit about the person you are meant to become.

Your Moon Sign – The Emotional Landscape

Your Moon Sign is the sign that is determined based on where the moon was when you were born. This is a sign that determines the emotional landscape that is present for you in your life. You might be someone who is highly emotional or someone who is not as highly emotional – and your Moon Sign begins to reveal this part of who you are. When you’re wondering why you have certain emotional issues come up, turn to your Moon Sign to tell you why these issues are happening and how you might be able to resolve them in a positive way.

Your Ascendant – What You Think of Yourself

The Ascendant in your birth chart is actually a sign that shows you how you think of yourself, or what your self image might be. What’s interesting is that you may not agree with the definition, but when you stop to truly think about it, this knowledge can show you how you are limiting yourself. For example, if you think of yourself as a gregarious and social person, but your Ascendant shows you that you see yourself as quiet, this can be information that allows you to ask more about why you choose to be so much more outgoing. Are you afraid of being quiet? Are you ashamed of what you have to say? When you start to look at your birth chart, you will begin to see that the stars really do have a story to tell…about you based on the day and time you were born.

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