Why Astrology isn’t about Telling Someone What to Do

Astrology readingsAs you begin to learn more about astrology, your friends might begin to notice. They might ask you questions about what the stars mean, and how they might take this knowledge and apply it to their lives. With the knowledge you have, you might begin to think you have the answers they need, and it can become tempting to tell them what to do and how to act in order to get what they want out of life. But this isn’t what astrology is about, and if you want to use the knowledge you have about astrology, you need to remember one thing: stop telling others what the do.


Astrology as a Guideline 

The movement of the stars in the sky has a lot to share with you, and the more you learn, the more you begin to know. But even the stars can’t give you the best advice on how to handle a love problem or how to manage a financial concern. All the stars can tell you is what energy is present in the world at the time you ask the question. While it’s true that there are better times for certain actions, this still doesn’t mean that you have all the answers once you can decipher the stars.  

Instead of Advice… 

When your friends begin to ask you questions about how to interpret the stars, the best thing you can do is tell them what you see and what that might mean. This doesn’t mean that you tell the person what to do, only what the stars are saying about the time. What you’ll probably notice is that your friends already have an idea of how they might change their lives, even if they’re not sure how to go out the changes just yet. Just by giving them signposts and how they might react to the knowledge they find, they can begin to uncover their own answers. 

The End of Knowing Everything 

What you might want to tell your friends is that you only know things that might occur, and things that might be coming up for them. With these ideas, let your friends know that they should look around their environment to see what else might be coming up for their situations. By asking them questions about what the star findings mean to them, your friends will be able to understand what they might need to do next. 

The truth is that we don’t know everything, and we certainly can’t predict what happens in the future. Just as the stars move across the sky, so do the answers that we all seek to find. In the end, we make our own decisions, and when we can understand what the universe is also saying, we can begin to create a new path in our lives. Even with all the astrology information in the world, you don’t know everything, but you certainly have a broader perspective from which to change your life.

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