White Magic the Power of the Circle

White magic is considered a form of pure magic.  It is powerful and practiced is to be practiced with good intentions and in the white light and to have no harm on the universe or those around us.  It causes no negative effects to anyone and is practiced for beneficial purposes.  It is a strong magic that is compassionate in nature and unlike black magic there are no subjects being hurt, revenge sought or harm to others or the universe.  There are absolutely no ill intentions.   

There are many spells that are beneficial that are commonly used in white magic.  Healing spells, stopping a bad storm, love spells, are just among many of the white light magic spells.  In the spell casting rites and rituals materials such as charms, talisman, natural oils and amulets may be used.  Spell casters may be called Priestess, witch doctors witches and wizard and are highly skilled and practice white magic. 

Among the white magic spells love spells are the most popular.  Spells will vary from spell caster to spell caster with each ritual being different.  The elements involved for the spell caster include tradition, ancestry and personal preference.  Each has the same intention but may utilize different materials, chants and so on.  But, each is practicing the power to bring you eternal love.    

Negative thoughts and feelings must be cleared when practicing white magic in order to draw positive energy.  A clear mind and a pure heart are needed.  Love spells will require potions and herbs in precise manner.

Finding an authentic spell caster is necessary.  Not only will you begin to learn the art of magic, you will not be taken advantage of.  The Internet is flooded with websites for spell casters, some free and some charging a fee.  However, most authentic spell casters will not ask you for your money first.  They will take the time to get to know you, discuss your circumstances, what you are wishing, etc. before they take a payment. 

White magic is a beautiful, powerful magic that is practiced with good intentions and a pure heart.   

To practice the white magic circle symbols will be used. You will create a symbol for yourself, whether it is circle a triangle or any other symbol. Once you have created your symbol: 

Take a sheet of card stock 11” x 17” and position your symbol in the center. Then draw in a circle around your symbol pictures of what you wish for. For example if you are wishing for a new pair of shoes, then draw pictures of shoes, feet, and anything that represents the shoes. Make your poster and hang it somewhere where you can see it over the next week.  Vision the symbols throughout the day.   

This is just one of the many ways to practice magic.  It is for the “ordinary” or the beginner that is just beginning to get their feet wet and to experience the mystical world.

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