White Magic Spells and Their Purpose

Magic is portrayed in terms of colors - black or white.  While black magic spells are often performed at the expense of someone or the subject in which the magic is being cast upon, white magic is practiced with no ill effects.  White magic is not cast to perform injury or to destroy they are often used to help someone. And used for the purpose of good.  White magic is pure magic with good intent. 

White magic spells are cast for many reasons. They may be spells to heal, to fall in love or to help protect someone. When spells are properly cast, they create happiness within the universe and for those that the spells are intended for.  When one practices white magic they focus their thoughts and intentions as their energy is sent into the universe to create good. While there are many ways to cast white magic spells, there are some general guidelines that help to structure your ceremony to cast the spells.

To  begin, in order to perform white magic, you must understand white magic. Find as much information as possible and begin to study and absorb what you read.  Although you may find contradictory information or information that you do not always agree with, you will begin to have a general understanding of white magic. If you  read such information and you disagree simply reject the information. Understand that you are reading someone else’s opinion and that you may not always agree with the writing.   

Practicing white magic spells should be done on a regular basis and included as part of your lifestyle.  Whether simple rituals or extravagant, the practice of spell casting should be done on a regular basis and will increase your awareness and understanding of white magic. 

Maintain a Book of Shadows.  /the Book of Shadows is considered your workbook.  This will allow you to keep track of your spells and keep notes pertaining to your rituals, their effects and the attempts that you made.  This will help you to see how your magic gains power and help you to gain insight to the results and effects of your white magic spells.   

Mediate.  Mediation will help you to focus and fully direct your thoughts and energies. 

When casting white magic spells remember that the strongest magic happens from a pure heart.  If you believe your spell will have power.  Do not manipulate others through magic.  Magic is all around us, throughout the universe we are blessed each day with the magic of a beautiful sunrise and a full moon.

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