What the September 19th Harvest moon Means to You

September 19th Harvest moonSo many of us are familiar with the term ‘Harvest moon’, but are we at all aware of the astrological meaning of this full moon in September and what it can mean in our lives? This time of the year is the time of transition. It is the time of movement from summer to fall to winter. It is the time of movement from long days to longer nights. It is time to harvest the fields and prepare for the cold of winter.

The traditional understanding of the harvest moon is that it is the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. This year that means that September 19th is the harvest moon. Around the autumnal equinox, the full moon and for the few days after it, the moon rises early in the twilight of the day.

Harvest Moon Illusions

For those several days, when the moon rises shortly after sunset, it almost appears that there are many full moons for many days in a row. This is of course just an illusion. However, the powerful, large orange-red globe you see in the sky is not an illusion. It is the harvest moon. The moon on the horizon just after or at sunset is what causes the bright orange color. The size of this moon may be an illusion but the reddish-orange color is not.

Achieve Your Goals

For indigenous peoples in the Northern Hemisphere the harvest moon has several meanings. It is a time to give thanks for the animals who gave their lives to feed and clothe the people. It is also a time for stillness, a time for listening and getting in touch with the wisdom of your own spirit. The full moon in September is a time that allows you to see your path in life and how you can achieve your goals. It is a time for listening, for perceiving, for understanding what others are telling you in respect to reaching your goals.

Time of Preparation

For the Celts their astrologists taught them that the harvest moon was about reconciling dualities such as light and dark, good and evil. For them the full moon of September was the blossoming of the seeds planted under the dark new moon earlier in the month. The harvest moon shows us the fruits of efforts made in the past and reminds us of our goals for the future. Soon the darkness and the cold will be upon us both physically and spiritually and it is a time of preparation.

For the Chinese the full moon of September represents the ‘yin’ or the feminine side of life, while for the Buddhists it represents the power of spirituality and fertility in agriculture. In Native American cultures the harvest moon was called the corn moon as it was the time when corn was harvested.

All of this leads to the same astrological meaning and knowledge for all from the full moon in September 2013. Take time to honor and celebrate the gifts of the harvest, the lives of the animals sacrificed for you, and then take time to prepare for the coming winter. You can reach your goals if you use this full moon to prepare for the coming dark days and long nights. You will have to work through the dark to reach your goals.

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