What Does it Mean when Venus Goes Retrograde December 21, 2013?

Venus Goes Retrograde December 21

Venus goes retrograde on December 21, 2013 and stays that way until January 31, 2014. Many people are very familiar with the effects that can occur when Mercury is retrograde, but does Venus has the same kind of impact?

Planets in Retrograde

What does it mean when we say that a planet is retrograde? A planet is said to be in retrograde when it appears to stop and reverse its direction in relation to the stars as seen from earth. This is an illusion. Planets do not rotate backwards. A planet in retrograde appears to travel westward in relation to the stars while all the other planets are traveling eastward.

At some point in the calendar year, every planet appears to be in retrograde. Some do so more often than others. Within astrology some also have much stronger meanings than others. Mercury as previously mentioned is notorious for causing problems in communication when it is retrograde.

This illusion is caused by earth making its rotation faster than the other planets. In this way the earth catches up with the planets and passes them by. As it is doing so, the planet being passed appears to stop and move backward, much as a car on the highway appears to move backward when passed by a much faster moving car.

Effects of Venus in Retrograde

Venus goes retrograde December 21, 2013 and remains so until January 31, 2014. When this happens there are certain effects that each individual may feel. Just about every 20 months Venus is retrograde and this last about 40 days. When Venus is in retrograde:

  • Old relationships may be rekindled as old lovers might reappear.
  • Finances might be influenced by delayed payments and benefits.
  • It is not a good time to enter into new relationships or make major investments in any expensive art, jewelry, or clothing.
  • This is a good time to be reflective about your life, your values and your relationships.
  • It is a good time for doing volunteer work or donating to charities.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

This particular retrograde period for Venus occurs within the sign of Capricorn and this holds a different set of variables working on us at this time.

  • Patience is needed when Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. This is a very reflective stage even more introspective than other times.
  • There is seriousness about Venus in retrograde in Capricorn that you would not find when it is retrograde in other signs. You yearn for serious and practical relationships and values.
  • You might experience extreme loneliness even when there are others around.
  • This is a good time for renewing your commitments in life including your relationships and your career.
  • With Capricorn being an earth sign, there might be an emphasis on the physical and sensuality.

So be sure when Venus is in retrograde in Capricorn that you take the time to look seriously at your life. Do not rush into anything and spend time reflecting on the values that matter in your life.

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