Virgo Full Moon – February 25

Virgo Full Moon – February 25When the moon begins to grow in the sky in February, you need to think about one thing – how your spirit is growing too. So often, we think about the way we live in terms of how much money we have or how many friends we can call our friends, but we forget about our spirit and our soul. In this month’s full moon, it becomes important to think about how we are nourishing ourselves in this way – and how we can bring more spirit into our lives.

No matter how you might name spirit or quantify spirit, one thing is certain – we are more than just these bodies. We are people who have things we care about and things we believe, even when we can’t see them. If you’re not a person who ventures out of the practical world that often, this full moon is a good time to encourage more exploration.

This exploration might look like: 

  • Getting out into nature – Spend more time in the great outdoors, where you can experience things you can’t necessarily explain. When you do, you might be able to connect with something greater than yourself. Allow yourself to be without your headphones and your cell phone and just experience the trees and the animals.
  • Journaling every day – You might also want to get into your mind a bit more in order to tap into your spirit. You can do this by journaling with yourself each day, about anything that might come into your mind. When you do, you may find you know more than you thought you did.
  • Trying new spiritual venues – If you haven’t been in a spiritual place before, it might be a good time to explore a bit more. You don’t have to convert, but getting in touch with the spiritual practices of others can help you see what might work for you – and what might not.

Even if you feel that your spiritual life is content right now, what you need to remember is that you can always do more to keep yourself grounded in your beliefs. It’s far too easy to let your busy life take over and to forget what is really important.

As the moon grows, so can your spirit. All you need to do is to reach out and try to find the thing that you can’t name and that you can’t see. The good news is that this is simple to do, and it will help touch your life in a number of ways that you can’t yet expect.

In this Virgo full moon, it’s time to look up at the moon to see what it has to tell you. If you listen closely, you will find there are more messages than you thought you could hear before now.

All you need to do is to be quiet enough to hear what the universe has to share with you. You might learn what to do next with your wondrous life.

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