Vacation Planning and Astrology - Planning vacations based on astrology

“Please put your tray tables in the upright and locked position…” Sometimes, this announcement can fill you with excitement and anticipation. You’re going on vacation! Other times, this announcement might cause your heart to skip with fear. Did you turn off the stove? Remember to leave the spare key? Everyone has had vacations that are amazing and vacations that end up being not so great. Typically, this juxtaposition has little to do with where we went or who we were with. But was the quality of our vacation simply based on… mood?

Maybe not. Like everything in life, your vacation could have been at the mercy of something bigger than you – the stars. Regardless of what sign you are, there are certain times of the month and certain times of the year where you are at your personal best. This makes life easier and a bit more delicious…  and  it’s all based on your astrological sign!

Booking your travel on the right date for your astrological forecast could mean the difference between Vacation #1 (a woo hoo!) and Vacation #2 (boo hoo!). This means, instead of snapping up the first travel deal that comes your way, you sit down and do a little research.

There are several ways to do this, including reviewing your charts, seeing a fortune teller skilled in astrology or cracking open your enormous Astrology book for 2010. The simplest way to accomplish your research is to complete a search online.

Find a website where you can read the horoscope predictions months or weeks in advance. It will be simple to see whether your planets are in alignment, based on the predictions of your horoscope. If you’re going to be the life of the party, it’s time to book. If the predictions warn you to stay indoors, walk away from the travel sites and reevaluate your date.

Obviously, there are some things we have to do in life that we can’t base around our horoscope. We have to go to work, exercise and live a normal life. Basing everything around our astrological sign would certainly be debilitating, so be wary about letting an astrological prediction rule your life.

That said - when you’re throwing down cash for a major event - take the time to do the research. Planning a vacation based on your astrological sign really might make the different between a ho-hum vacation and a hee-haw good time.

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