Use Your Astrological Sign to Ace an Interview

When going for that great job, always show yourself in your best light - starlight, that is! Look to your Astrological sign to help you highlight your intrinsic strengths and downplay your weaknesses.

Aries - An adventurer at heart, you’ll want to showcase your leadership, resilience, and ability to be forthright. Look for jobs that don’t stick you behind a desk and that do appeal to your inner child. 

Taurus - Talk about your efficiency, self-control, and dependability. You can be stubborn and standoffish, so be ready to explain how these traits have served you well rather than done you harm in the workplace.

Gemini - Make sure your excellent communication skills come through in the interview. You are a great talker, and this is your chance to shine. Avoid positions that have you managing money, as you tend to spend it faster than you make it.

Cancer - Emphasize your ability to present a professional, collected business persona regardless of what is going on in your personal life. Your weakness is your changeability, so be ready to show what measures you’ve taken to keep your emotions from interfering with your productivity.

Leo - Think of the interview as your own little show, and know you can shine like no other. Your charisma gives you almost an unfair advantage in the interview room. 

Virgo - Your philanthropic yearnings and principled nature are qualities any company would be privileged to employ. Do research and be prepared - this will help you overcome shyness in the interview.

Libra - If you give in to your temptation to say what you think the interviewer wants to hear, you run the risk of getting a job you find you don’t really want. Hold out for your ideal position, knowing that you have natural business acumen and charm.

Scorpio - Let them know you have strong leadership skills, but avoid taking over the interview. Capitalize on your wisdom in the interview room.

Sagittarius - You have a lot to fit in: your optimism, education, higher intellect, and integrity. In addition to your overly expressive tendencies, you can be lacking in tact, so prepare examples of how you’ve worked to build your diplomatic skill.

Capricorn - Your strength is clearly your work ethic and your ability to produce a high-quality end product. Talk about implementing healthy boundaries to off-set your workaholic nature.

Aquarius - Stress your ingenuity, fresh ideas, and your ability to separate emotion from your decision-making processes. If appropriate, showcase your humanitarian interests and show how you’ve employed your mind in the pursuit of a better world.

Pisces - Steer the interview toward your many talents and strengths, and away from your history of absenteeism. Let them know that you are a leader and a visionary, but don’t let them shake you up. Your emotions are your greatest weakness.

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