Unlucky in Love? What Do the Stars Have to Say?

Love is tricky when you’re single, and if you haven’t found the man or the woman of your dreams, it can seem as though it’s never going to happen.  But once you look at the stars, you can begin to see that not only are you going to be able to find the love of your life, but it might be easier to find someone to love at certain times of the month than at others.  All you need to do is to look to the sky to find love on the Earth. 

Full Moon in Your Sign 

One way to look at the energy of the sky is to look at the full moons for the year and see what months in which your Sun sign is aligned with the full moon.  Since the full moon is the time when the energy is at its greatest, this might be a time when it will be easier for you to find love as you will be more energetic, more glowing, etc.  You will also be more confident and approachable, which can also boost your chances of finding love.  You may also want to look to any full moon as a time to find love since this is when everyone is in the same energy (or in a similar energy), so it can be easier to connect with others who have the same intentions as you do. 

New Moon in Your Sign 

On the other hand, you might want to look into finding love when the moon is new, or when it’s just beginning to grow.  This is a time of blossoming and new relationships.  You might find that newer relationships that you have in your life or new connections are more likely to turn into love at this time, but you need to go out and find the people who are appealing to you.  This new energy is hopeful and exciting, and it’s a time when others are also feeling that hope and are more likely to take risks on those they might not have thought about being with before this time of the month. 

Alignments of Planets

And if there are ever any special times of the month or year when planets are aligning, you will want to look for love in those times.  Because of those special conditions, it can mean that there are special energies waiting to be tapped.  On the other hand, when Mercury is in retrograde or something similar is happening, you might want to avoid looking actively for love as this might be a time when your communication mojo might be off and it might cause you to have more troubles connecting than you might have at any other time. 

Remember, think about where the moon is and where the planets are in the sky.  While you might not find love immediately, why not use the stars and the planets and the moon to boost your chances?

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