This week's featured psychic is none other than TantraPsychic

Oranum featured expert TantraPsychicA lot of you must know him already, but for those that don't, read on to find out why he is one of the most popular Psychics out there!

This particular Psychic started his journey into the teachings of Tantra at the age of 14. 2 years into his studies, he was attacked psychically and had to fight back using his knowledge of Tantra and mantra powers. After his first psychic battle he realized that there are forces on our Earth that transcend the physical and one needs to be prepared to handle them.

This is one of the reasons he started his own group on (before Google took it over), to discuss and share knowledge of "Tantra and the occult". After successfully helping a large number of people through his orkut group, TantraPsychic truly felt that he found his purpose in life.

In order to be more in tune with his newfound direction in life, he made the pilgrimage to Mahakumbh in 2009, where he took a dip in the holy Ganges. After the highly spiritual experience his current guru/spirit guide contacted him and accepted him as his pupil.

Ever since that day he has been following Naath Panth, one of the most ancient paths of Indian Tantra, and his powers are increasing day by day.

Don't wait another second! Contact TantraPsychic today if you need help with restless spirits, passed loved ones, negative energy or if you need answers to burning questions, TantraPsychic also specializes in all manner of psychic readings!

Click here to connect to TantraPsychic!

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