The Truth about New Zodiac Ophiuchus

A new announcement by the Minnesota Planetarium Society  had star followers scrambling to see if they were under a new sign.  The news announced that Capricorns and Sagittarians  had a new sign- Ophiuchus. The announcement was based due to the alignment of the stars, which had been pushed by about a month, due to the Moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth. Everyone has been gathering information on the new zodiac sign, however, it is now believed  that the original claims of a new horoscope sign are totally false  and zodiac signs are back on track, with each of us being born where we thought we were.  

The news was not meant to be a hoax.  It was however, announced by misinformed people that do not understand Sidereal and Tropical astrology.  These are astrology’s that are used in the Eastern and Western worlds- with Sidereal astrology in the Eastern and Tropical astrology in the Western world and this makes a difference for the new zodiac signs of 2011. 

It is simply a matter of fact that there is no new horoscope sign because our Tropical zodiac goes off the seasons and not off of the positions of the stars.  Yes, the stars play a vital role to the horoscope but the signs will not be changed.  The astrological identity crisis is over thanks to many experts who have entered the scene. 

Expert astrologer Rick Levine states that the new sign, Ophiuchus, has nothing to do with Astrology.  That Ophiuchus is not a sign but a constellation. He continues to state that during the year there are four season each with its own cycle- a beginning, a middle and an end which accounts for 12 zodiac signs. 

The planets are called aspects and astrology is based on the seasons in relationship between the aspects, not what sign is located behind the sun when you were born.  The portions in which the Zodiac signs are divided equally and is based on the proportions of day and night experienced throughout the year constitute our Zodiac signs..  It is true that each of us possess traits that are characteristics of our Zodiac sign, such as those born in the spring under the sign of Aries will exhibit characteristics such as optimism and high energy.   

Since the first inception of astrology it has had issues.  Ophiuchus, has been here since the beginning of Ancient Babylonians and not a new constellations- making 13 constellations.  However, they only wanted 12 so did not accept Ophiuchus. Because, astrology is based on the seasons and there is no new Zodiac sign that will enter the picture.  Those following the stars can relax, they are still under the same sign. 

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