The September 19th Full Moon and Romance

The September 19th Full Moon and RomanceIt is mid-September and that big beautiful harvest moon is rising just after sunset. As you watch it longingly you wonder what it might mean for you and your romantic life. To begin with the full moon is always a good time to begin a romance. The full moon and romance are tied in myth, song, stories, and culture. At the time of every full moon we find ourselves more introspective than at other times in the cycle of the sun and moon.

We take time to examine ourselves and our hearts for a better understanding of ourselves, and what we have to offer another person. We can discard those things that no longer help us grow and choose to keep those that will. Focus on what your heart truly desires.

Full Harvest Moon

New projects can get off the ground more easily at this time, and that includes anything you need and want to improve in yourself in order to attract your soul mate into your life. Your quest for a soul mate will be assisted by the influence of the full harvest moon. This is the time for a new romance to develop. You might already know this person and your relationship will turn romantic during this time, or your eyes will be opened to see this person in a new romantic light. If you have not met the person of your dreams than the influence of this full harvest moon signals it is time to meet someone special.

Some of us need to cleanse our hearts and souls before we can enter into a new romance. If this is the case for you the harvest moon signals the time to let go of whatever is holding you back. Any relationship that is beginning at this time will flourish and turn into the romance of your dreams as you find it so much easier now to move on from the relationships of the past. New beginnings will be successful beginnings.

Full Moon in Virgo

With this particular September 2013 full moon in Virgo, those who carry Virgo as their sun sign will be particularly affected. Others will be needed to help you calm down and stay calm. You will need others around you to keep you calm as you are frantic to sort out who you are, what you value, and what you want from romance. If your friends can keep you calm, even a Virgo can find new romance when the full moon of September 2013 is in the house of Virgo.

With the symbolism of the circle, the harvest and change, you can grasp all three and turn the energies of the harvest moon into your future with the love of your life. It is an ancient relationship that we humans have with the moon. It is spiritual as well as romantic. Listen to what the harvest moon is saying to you and you will find romance under her bright orange-red glow.

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