The Power of Eclipses

The Power of Eclipse Think about what it must have been like to see the first eclipse. During the times when people didn’t necessarily understand the Earth’s position in the universe, or that there was a universe, the shadow that crept across the sun or the moon might have seemed to be a sign of the apocalypse or some other great event. Today, we understand that eclipses occur on a frequent basis, depending on the movement of the Earth and the Sun in relation to the moon. But this understanding doesn’t make them any less potent or powerful.

Drawing the Energy

One way in which to look at the eclipses that occur is energetically. When these bodies are in the proper positions, the energy is right for the shadows to take place. This energy to create these positions is there all the time, even if we don’t believe this to be the case. It’s there to move us into the right places in our lives, to meet the right people, etc. What we need to do during eclipses is to become aware of this energy in our lives and begin to think about how we might be able to harness it.

Alignment of Ideas

Another thing to realize when you’re considering the idea of eclipses is how these celestial bodies are aligned. The alignment of energies and physical bodies is a great lesson for us on Earth as well. When we are able to think of our lives not only in terms of what we want, but also how we can move ourselves into the proper position, it becomes clear we are makers of our own future. We are not simply planets that are moving around each other, but rather we are humans that are trying to move around each other. We can line up with those who seek to help us and we can move away from those who seem to be out of sync with our movements.

Changing the Future

In looking up at the eclipse, it becomes clear that there is always an opportunity for something powerful and magnificent in the sky. While we might not always know why things are happening, things are always happening and we need to take notice. The energy of the eclipse begins a new energy and a new possibility of looking at the world in a new light. Whether the sun was blocked from our view for a moment or the moon has a new face, we see change happening, millions of miles away.

We aren’t just looking for a light show when it comes to eclipses, or we can enjoy that idea, as well as see the possibility for looking at new energies. With so many eclipses each year (even though you can’t see them all), you can begin to see that the universe is always changing. And you have the possibility for change just as much as the planets do. All you need to do is to look up at the sky.

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