The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Effects

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse EffectsOn Friday, October 18th 2013, the moon will be full and its brightness will fill the night sky. In addition, we will be seeing a lunar eclipse in this time frame. A lunar eclipse in astrology acts much just like a full moon with the exception of the fact that the effects of the eclipse are felt in our signs and our lives for a full six months.

How Does a Full Moon Occur?

A full moon occurs when the moon is opposite the earth in respect to the sun, or when there is exactly 180 degrees between the longitudes of the moon and the sun. The sun fully illuminates the side of the moon that faces the earth at this time and this makes the moon especially bright. It gives the moon the appearance of being round. It affects the oceans tides dramatically and has strong effects on people as well.

Effects of the Full Moon on People

The effects of any full moon can be very strong, but the effects of a full moon with lunar eclipse are even strong as last much longer as previously mentioned. This full moon by virtue of Mars moving into Virgo on the 15th has a quality of getting things done that you have been wanting to get done. It has somewhat of a pull towards self-discipline and sticking to your guns to reach your goals attitude about it.

Get Creative and Get Things Done

What effects will this full moon have on our world and our lives this October? This full moon and eclipse time of energy and getting things done will last you through November and you can accomplish a lot if you set your mind to it. Mars is very strong at this time so let its energy move you. This is the kind of energy that helps us and allows us to move forward. The energy of this lunar eclipse is a creative energy. If you allow it to, it will lead you to creative solutions to anything that has been blocked up to now.

Lunar eclipses usually speak of endings and culminations. What you have been toiling for will come to fruition. The things you started around the October new moon will come to fruition around the full moon. However, as previously mentioned there will also be things coming to an end for the next six months or so.

The Full Moon and Relationships

Relationships that are on the edge might end in this timeframe. You might be acutely aware of the conflict between your needs and those of everyone else. This is because this full moon will make everyone aware of their own individual needs. This could lead to conflict with another person’s needs.

This full moon/lunar eclipse will bring about an energy geared towards getting things done, getting things finished. Now is the time to get creative, organize, get your life in order, revisit your work and life goals, and more.

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