The Dec 17th Cold Moon and What it Signifies

Cold Moon and What it SignifiesThe December 17th Cold Moon means winter begins to fasten its grip on many places. This has led the full moon in December and sometimes the full moon in January to be called the Cold Moon. Nights become longer and the world becomes darker during December adding to the name of this full moon as the Cold Moon.

This moon is also called the Moon Before Yule as well as the Full Long Nights Moon by Native American tribes. The North American Tribes also called this the Wolf Moon as the wolves would howl this time of year.

The Influence of Virgo

When the moon is full on December 17th, 2013, it will have completed about half of its journey through Virgo. The moon remains among the horizon for a very long time this month. For many people this Cold Moon and this time of year are the beginnings of the long winter of depression and struggles until the warmth and longer daylight returns.

With the advent of this full Cold Moon it is recommended that we lighten our loads and get organized to survive the winter. Clean out your closets and dressers. Give away everything you don’t need and make room for newness and change in your life. Make room for organization and efficiency. Finish any old projects or odd jobs that you might have left unfinished to this point.

Clean everything you can so that everything shows its essential essence and not any modifications that have been made to any item. At the same time you might want to do a little antique shopping as this Cold Moon moves through Virgo it is strongly associated with historical valuables – engravings, unusual markings, and signatures just to name a few.

The Influence of Gemini and Sagittarius

At the same time that the moon is half way through Virgo, it is also known as the Gemini Full Moon as it unites the Sagittarian Sun with the Gemini Moon. This is a time of learning and exploration. Sagittarius seeks the truth of life with Gemini seeks to satisfy curiosity. In either it is a time for clearing out the old to make room for new knowledge.

It is also a time for clearing out anything that is an obstacle to your spiritual and mental growth and your ability to see and follow your spiritual path. You will have the ability to use your creativity, your artistic ability, and anything that flows from the spirit or the heart. This Full Cold Moon is a very active time for seekers and those searching for the meaning of life and the answers to the most important questions in life.

If you were born on
December 17th there is a special meaning for you in this full moon. Some major project you have been working on – perhaps that project is yourself – can be completed under this full moon. Since Gemini is at work with this full moon you might find yourself feeling scattered on Dec. 17th. If you do it is Gemini’s way of telling you to slow down, take it easy and allow yourself to relax.

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