The Connection of Easter and Astrology

For devout Catholics, Easter is the time where they will reflect on the resurrection of Christ. Among all the Christian festival, this one proves to the holiest as well as the oldest. It is the climax and also the center of a liturgical year where all the holy days point. But it’s quite strange that every year, Easter is celebrated on a different date. Isn’t it supposed to be the anniversary of Christ’s resurrection- then it should be commemorated on the same day every year. Then how come that there is no constant date with Easter?

This could be attributed with the connection of astrology to Easter. The date for Easter celebration is computed by the church with the help of astrology. It is dependent on the cycle of the moon thus making it a moveable celebration. The vernal equinox plays a significant role in Easter as is the spring festival that originated from the pagan practice of worshipping the sun and the renewal of the season. After the first full moon right after the vernal equinox or the Sunday after the full moon is the date for Easter. Although it is important to note that the ecclesiastical rule of computing the exact date of Easter do not always happen the same time with the astronomical full moon.

The term Easter can also be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon goddess called Easter. She is the goddess of spring or light. Since the spring equinox happened on April, her honored festival is commemorated during the same month for the same reason.  Her earth symbol is the rabbit, thus the connection of the Easter rabbit to the Easter celebration. According to history, Christians used the same commemoration day of Eastre to convert pagans into Christians. At the same time, Easter also happens on the same date of the Jewish Passover. It is also computed with the vernal equinox which happens to be on the 14th day of the lunar month on which the vernal equinox or after it falls upon.

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