The Art and Skill of Positive Magic

Positive magic is white magic and is cast with the intentions to do good. There are no evil intentions involved in the casting of the magic.  If  you happen to be a person that likes positive things happening around you then you likely may be a practitioner of white magic!  Or, perhaps you would like to get involved in the art.  The art of magic dates back centuries and is termed in colors:  black magic and white magic.  Obviously, black magic is dark magic and white magic is pure.  For the beginner just entering the world of magic, it is a place that often times feels as though we were here from childhood as we can relate the power of magic to childhood memories such as a magical treasure hunt and dreams that exist as children.  It is a wonderful world, and a world that has the potential to bring each of us the happiness we desire. 

Casting white magic requires that one does so with a pure heart and good intentions and can be cast for the good of oneself or the good of others.  White magic spells are often cast through prayers, rituals and benevolent spells through both Wiccan and witches and those engaging in the art of magic.   

When casting a white magic spell, the caster draws upon many elements.  The phase of the moon for example is something that will be considered as spells are often their most powerful during specific phases of the moon, depending on the spell.  The planetary hour and day are also something that will be taken into consideration and the use of specific materials such as herbs, incense and candles as well as many other materials such as shells or pictures that may be used in the casting of the spell.  Each element involved in casting a spell is used to make the spell more powerful.   

White magic is harnessing good energy and when casting a spell it must be only cast with the intent to harness good energy.  Those who engage in the art of white magic realize this. And, for the spell casters who have practiced the art, many often create their own personalized spells. 

White magic spells are  powerful, positive spells that include luck, romance and love, financial gain, health and many, many more.   It is from a pure heart and the desire to have positive occurrences in your life as well as knowing the art of magic and how to cast spells that create the energy that is required to make the spells come true.  Magic is real, and it is something that has been with us since the beginning of times.

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