Taurus Full Moon – October 29

Taurus Full Moon – October 29As the Full Moon comes upon your life at the end of October this year, you might find that all of the changes in your life up to this point finally start to make sense. Even though you may have felt that the world was changing at too rapid of a rate, it’s time for things to settle down and for you to settle down. All of the signs and all of the changes that have taken place up to this point are now starting to ground themselves into your life.

It’s time to take practical action when it comes to this Full Moon. While you might now be used to the overwhelming number of changes that have taken place, this day begins a time when you can also take action. If you were thinking about changing your job, you might discover how you can make this happen. You might begin to notice signs that are leading you to this shift in your environment, even though you didn’t think the plan was realistic before.

The Taurus influence also beckons a time when you will be less impacted by the world around you. If you find yourself to be easily distracted or dismayed by the actions in the world, you will find you are much more grounded, even rational. With this energy, stop and take time to think about what is happening in your life and what you need to do to make any obvious changes. Instead of thinking about the emotional side of your decisions, start thinking about concrete action steps you can take. Write them down and start making them your reality.

Some people during this Full Moon will find they are much slower in their reactions and in their plans than they might have been in the past. While this is not a bad thing, those that are accustomed to reacting more than waiting are going to have a time of adjustment. They are going to feel as though they are stuck, when they are actually gearing up for a more major shift in their life. Even though they might not realize it, this time of calm is the time before the storm.

This doesn’t mean that a storm has to be a bad thing either. At times, we all need to sit on the sidelines and watch the game of life instead of playing. Enjoy this time as a time not only of reflection, but also a time of gathering any resources or strength you need in order to change the way your life is unfolding.

Until now, you’ve been focused on change and how the world is trying to change what you are experiencing and what you are building, but now is the time when you actually DO change. It’s not enough to talk about it. With the energy of the Full Moon, you are ready to see something special emerge – the life you have been waiting for. And the life that has been waiting for you.

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