Sun Entering Sagittarius Brings Energy and Intensity

Sun Entering Sagittarius Brings Energy and Intensity

On November 21, 2013 the sun will be entering Sagittarius. For those born under this sign, this is a very active time. However, even those of us not born under the sun sign of Sagittarius can be affected by the strength of the sign’s energy. When the sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, 2013 Jupiter is in charge and expansion is the word of the day.

Intense Sagittarius

As most people who are close to any Sagittarius already know, Sagittarius is such an intense sign that it can sweep you away in its intensity. This month’s sun entering Sagittarius appears to offer all the ready-made factors necessary for just such intensity. So it would be good for the Sagittarius to allow themselves to delve into some of this intensity at this time and see what it tells you about yourself and the future direction of your life.

The rest of us non-Sagittarius will also feel the pull of this intensity at this time. We will not be able to avoid it. For all of us communication might be very intense right now and we should attempt to sort out our own feelings and share them with each other. It is a time for sharing deeply our understanding of the mysteries of life, of our seeking out the truth of life, and how much our understanding of life has grown.

Finding the Truth

This does not mean that we will understand everything just because the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st of November. This time frame will lead us closer to our truth but we will not have found it yet. We must continue the journey and if we experience any internal dissonance or discomfort, we must look intensely at its causes. Sagittarius can help us to do this with her intensity.

Create Goals

For those of you who are born when the sun enters Sagittarius you need to celebrate your survival through all the tribulations of the past year. What can you expect for this next year? If you stay focused you can achieve your business or entrepreneurial goals. However you will most likely have to focus on these goals on your own without a lot of external support as the first part of November could spawn a lot of negativity in communication. Others may not be interested in your specific challenges.

In the face of this the best thing for those who have their Sun sign entering Sagittarius on November 21st,2013 to do is be as respectful of others as it is possible for you to be. Make special accommodations for the feelings of your family and friends. Because you are Sagittarius you have to be open and honest with communication, however, try to keep your family and friend’s feelings in mind as you do so.

Don’t let that Sag intensity overcome your better judgment. Use the energy and intensity to open up but stay mindful what really matters to you. As you use the expansive energy of Jupiter for growth, be sure it is tempered with respect.

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