Spell Casting Materials and Supplies

Practicing Magic must be done properly in order to receive the effects that you are wishing for.  Meaning, it should be practiced with the right intentions and the right light.  Magic spells such as revenge spells can be very dangerous should you be practicing them without cause.  There are many materials used to ensure its proper practice and that it will not come back to haunt you.   

Materials such as roots, candles, shells, herbs, seeds, etc. can all be a part of the art of magic.  Each has a specific proportion that is required to make it successful. Why are materials and supplies so important in the craft of magic?  Because, it is a ritual!  And, part of the craft of magic is the use of materials and supplies to perform it correctly. Each spell will require specific elements. The elements are drawn from the influences of the supernatural and our universe and these materials are used to create the power to become one.  

Take a love spell. It requires not only your individual aura in order to be successful but specific materials.  There must first be a connection in order for the spell to work and you will depend on fragrance such as rose, oils, and candles or other materials, depending on the spell. 

Belief is important in magic.  If you do not take it seriously and follow the spell then you have turned the spell into something different which may not be in your best interest. 

Among the many materials included in spell casting are: 

Candles: In the practicing of magic, candles are one of the most used materials. This is for their spiritual purpose which symbolizes both spirit and energy. From the time we are young, we have participated in candle rituals such as the blowing out of candles on our birthday cake. Candles are a celebration and have been used in magic for centuries. The appropriate candle for a spell must be used such as a green candle for money spells.   Incense Incense is also used in spell casting. This is to help perform powerful magic. 

Incense may be burned free standing or on discs to enhance the magic. There is specific incense for specific spells such as a love spell or wealth spell may call for almond or pomegranate.  

Fragrant Oils: Aura is especially important when prating the art of magic and fragrant oils are often used when spell casting. This is to enhance your spirit and mood.  Specific fragrant oils are used for specific spells to achieve the desired effects.  This is very important as the use of the wrong oils may have the opposite effect.

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