Signs of Life- The Chilean Mine Tragedy

After two months, 33 men remain trapped in a Chilean mine following an on the job cave-in. Reports indicate that the men may be freed this upcoming weekend. The world has been watching this story with bated breath, hoping for the survival of these men.  Being trapped underground for two months is not something anyone would wish for. The mental stamina and teamwork this ordeal has required from the men is nothing short of heroic. It’s hard not to wonder, “How would I react if I found myself in a similar situation?” 

From an astrological standpoint, it’s interesting to consider the qualities in each sign that would help us to survive. Let’s take a look. 

Aries: The Aries is known for being an adventurous leader. In times of strife, the Aries will often turn to inner faith for the strength to survive. The Aries carries a strong belief in a positive future, so the Aries would focus on trusting that a positive future is still out there and will arrive eventually. 

Taurus: This cool and collected sign works well under pressure. Motivated by inner strength and outer sensuality, the Taurus often gets through struggle with self reflection. Comforted by beauty and sensuality, the Taurus might use touch points as a beautiful rock or the feel of a soft cloth to remain centered and optimistic. 

Gemini: Interested in the world around him, the Gemini will take the time to talk with others and learn about diversity. In a stressful situation, the Gemini will rely on relationships and friendships with others to get through. To relax, the Gemini might focus on challenges or games.  

Cancer: Highly emotional, the Cancer would need comfort to survive a stressful ordeal and would draw upon the support of others. In turn, the Cancer is highly loving and giving and would offer such support in return. Building friendships during this time period will help the Cancer prevail. 

Leo: A leader and an optimist, the Leo might find it a challenge to be in a situation that is not going his way. At this point, the Leo will be forced to rely on interpersonal relationships - something he is very good at developing.  

Virgo: This caring and compassionate sign might serve as the glue to hold people together during tough times. Eager to care for others, the Virgo is quick to trust in the good of other people and to bring optimism and positivity to a bad situation.

 Libra: This dreamer will survive a trying situation thanks to the ability to see life as a challenge. Although a situation may be difficult and call upon many inner resources, the Libra will persevere and relish the opportunity to meet a personal growth challenge head-on. 

Scorpio: The Scorpio will find strength in its efforts to lead. This desire to rule might cause conflict in a complex group situation but the Scorpio is adept at being in it to win it. An old soul, the Scorpio will keep striving to overcome, regardless of the situation at hand. 

Sagittarius: The Sag likes a change of scenery, so being stuck in one spot will be the biggest personal challenge to overcome. The Sag will most likely develop a close friendship to delve into to avoid boredom and sadness. 

Capricorn: Patient and resilient, the Capricorn is capable of facing tough challenges with little self-pity. The Capricorn will serve as a rock for others and offer faith and confidence that he will overcome.  

Aquarius: This extreme sign might struggle mentally when stress and challenge becomes overwhelming. The Aquarius has the marvelous capability of seeing the best and worst in life, so will do well if he can focus his mind on the positive.  

Pisces: A dreamer, the Pisces has the ability to take himself out of difficult situations through fantasy. Using a strong fantasy life, the Pisces might separate from those around him but find comfort in a personal dreamscape.

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