Scorpio New Moon: October 26

A new moon is always a time when the powers of the universe begin to tell us, “Wake up and start anew.” In this particular month, the new moon will be in Scorpio, causing us to consider what our passions are and how we can begin to life a more full life.  With the planetary alignment, we begin to create the possibility of our own growth and the building of our own light in the world, just as the moon grows in its fullness, so can we begin to grow with this new moon. 

The Cycle of Power 

Throughout the movement of planets and constellations comes the opportunity for new perspectives.  In this October, the Scorpio New Moon falls on October 26, offering the power and the passion of Scorpio to emerge in the beginnings.  While there may have been times in the past few weeks where things have felt shaky or unsettled, the fading light of the moon offers a time of rest and a time of reflection.  During this time, our minds can settle and our bodies can rest in preparation for the building of the moon as it shifts from dark to light.  The powerful cycle continues with each month, but when the New Moon falls in Scorpio, it promises us so much more and it allows us to begin to question that which we thought was true and impenetrable. 

The Dawn of Beginnings 

Scorpio is always seen as the darker sign, the sign of shadows that are always present.  Those who are born under Scorpio tend to be darker and moodier, always looking for their personal demons and trying to face them head on.  With this New Moon comes the opportunity to continue this work and to build into something more than just a brooding outlook on life.  Instead, combined with the New Moon, you might begin to feel that there is change in the air and that this is a time for rejuvenation.   

The Change at Hand 

With this opportunity to rest comes the possibility that our shadows might become our friends and they might become the impetus for dramatic shifts in the way we think and the way we act.  Perhaps these sorts of changes will not happen overnight, as the scorpion waits to seize their prey, but the changes are upon us and they are willing to come with us, if only we stop to look at them and embrace the lessons they have already shown us. 

In this New Moon, we can start to push forward to a greater consciousness of our selves, our decisions, and our goals.  We begin to become passionate about our lives, and while this might lead to some disturbances with those who want us to remain the same, change is certainly the one constant in life.  Embrace the changes in your life and realize that while what you do might need to be adjusted, who you are is still present.  Who you are continuing to become can shine like the full moon, ripe with possibility.

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