Scorpio Full Moon – May 5/6

Scorpio Full MoonAs one of the five super moons in this year (with three more to go after this month), May’s full moon in Scorpio is just one of the many times of greater energy and potential. While much of the year has been spent thinking about what can be changed, this moon is a time when you will begin to take action. Like the scorpion that poises to strike its prey, this moon is a time when you will wait no longer to strike out and to get the things that you want in your life.

Taking Action

While thinking about change is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, it is not the thoughts of the world that create new situations. Actions create the true changes and results in the planet. You need to take stock of the ways in which your thinking has changed, how your priorities have changed, and how your ideas have shifted. With these insights, you can begin to see how you want to live your life and how you want to change the lives of those around you. It can feel safer to stay in a pattern of thinking. When you’re thinking, you can continue to make changes in your energy, but without action you are not creating changes in your outside world. Yes, there’s always a chance that you could make a mistake, yes, there’s a chance that you might hurt someone, but when you don’t take action, you allow your beautiful thoughts to stay in your mind – where they can’t help you and they can’t help anyone else. You can use the energy of this full moon to engage in action, whether this looks like changing the way you work or the way that you interact with others. You might begin to take action in your community, to make the world a better place. Or you may just commit to spending more time with your child to make their world a happier place.

When Revelations Occur

Indeed, this full moon is also a time when you might begin to have revelations, not only about the world, but also about your place within it. As you begin to see what is actually happening around you, there may be a moment where things seem to be less than safe. You may begin to see that there is much work to be done, and you may not feel that you are up to the task. When these revelations come, you have an opportunity to make a small change in your own life so that it ripples across the pond of humanity. As you do so, you create the pattern for newness and you create the waves of universal shifting. The full moon in Scorpio is a super moon of emotion and action. While this might be a moon of fear for some, this is also a time when the energy works to make your ideas come to life. Remember, no matter how small an action you take, every action has bigger results than you realize.

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