Sagittarius New Moon – December 13

Sagittarius New MoonEven though we might blame the way we see ourselves on others in our lives, this new moon is here to tell us otherwise. While we often feel as though we are out of control, this is far from the case. We are completely in control of the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves. And if you’ve been thinking about a story you don’t want to be true anymore, now is the time to shed it and see what else can take its place.

Start thinking to yourself about the things you say that you are. Do you say that you’re a good person or a bad person? Do you think that you have to act in a certain way to be accepted or to be valued by others? Start writing down what you think others think of you and read it back to yourself. How much of this writing is something that you agree with? How much of the story you write down do you want to let go of?

The challenge with the stories we tell ourselves is that we often think that we are born into a story and we can’t change it. We think that these stories are based on our past, and since we can’t change our past, we have to settle on what we know. This is not true. You can change your story right now. You can change the way you think about yourself and about how you want to be seen in the world.

It can begin with simply writing about how you want to be in the world. You can tell the story aloud to yourself and think about how it would feel if the story you write came to be true. Just like the old stories you’ve told yourself again and again, the more you tell yourself a new story, the more likely you will act as though it were true. You will believe it, just as you have believed the stories of your past.

The way to change your life isn’t just to remove what you don’t want. You also need to replace that space with something that you DO want. When you do this, there’s no room for something you don’t want to creep back in.

Take time to write out your new story and to think about ways in which you can live it each day. For example, if your new story is that you are someone who is productive, stop watching so much TV and make yourself a To Do list of things that need to be accomplished. Start thinking about ways to eat healthier if you want to change the story about being an unhealthy person.

Once you realize that you can change your story, it opens up new possibilities in your life. You’re no longer bound to the ways that you have been doing things. You can change anything you want because you have the power to rewrite every detail.

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