Royal Baby Born Cancer: All about the Future King's Sign

Royal Baby Born Cancer

So Prince George Alexander Louis, royal son of Kate Middleton and Prince William was born in Cancer just as much of his royal family has been. What will this mean for the future king? What are the characteristics of those born under the Cancer sign as was his father, his maternal grandfather is a cancer and his paternal grandmother, Princess Diana was born in Cancer as was Camille Parker Bowles, the current wife of Prince Charles. That is quite a list of Cancers for this young one to live up to.

So what does it mean for the new royal to be born in Cancer? Well Prince George is not likely to be the kind of party animal that his Uncle Prince Harry is. For some astrologers there is significance in the fact that this son was born on the cusp of Cancer, only an hour before the Sun moved into Leo. Others deny the very idea of being on the cusp. However Prince George Alexander Louis will be strongly influenced by Leo even though he is actually a Cancer.

Because Prince George was born with three planets in Cancer he will be a leader and a mover. He will not be content to just let life come to him. He will go out to meet it. This new prince will have strong believes and will strongly defend them. With the strong strain of Cancer running through his line, he will be sensitive and nurturing, yet a very good leader and businessman as well. There is much strength and power in this baby’s astrological chart that he will have to learn to handle in the appropriate royal manner. He will however be no wallflower.

The rest of his specific chart shows the Sun in Cancer, the Cusp in Leo and the Moon in Capricorn, his mother’s sun sign. Scorpio is rising in his chart as well. He will be a powerful and significant leader. In general the sun sign of Capricorn tells us he will be conservative, contemplative, gentle, defensive and nurturing much like his father Prince William.

All Cancers are protective with great survival instincts for those they care deeply for and for themselves. They are sensitive and contemplative in the sense that they do not really care to show their deepest feelings to the entire world. Cancers can be moody and traditional. Many Cancers are not happy or comfortable with real change. They value safety and security. So the new member of the royal family is likely to be attracted to antiquity, relics, remnants, and such. Their sense of history is profound, which is a wonderful trait for a future monarch.

Being a sensitive sign, Cancers generally avoid direct conflict. Like his parents the Prince George Alexander Louis should grow up to be diplomatic and genial in his royal duties. Dependable and strong, Cancers are the most hospitable of all zodiac signs. Gentle, dependable and caring will all be words that will be used to describe the new prince as he grows into manhood.

Because the Prince of Cambridge was born one half hour before the sun moved into Leo, he will share many of his father’s characteristics and with his moon in Capricorn, many of his mother’s as well. He will meld the sensitive and contemplative traits of Cancer with the dependability and responsibility traits of Capricorn. The new Prince has all the astrological signs to successful represent the British monarchy.

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