Re-Balance Yourself this Equinox – March 20

Re-Balance Yourself this Equinox You might not need this piece of advice because you’ve heard it over and over again – balance your life. But even though you’ve heard it a hundred times before, most of us don’t really understand what it means and how to achieve (what must be) a Zen-like state. We think this is simply something that is for ‘other’ people. But this month, you may want to rethink your argument.

First of all, balance isn’t about doing everything right – and doing everything right all the time. It’s also not a process of avoiding stress completely or about never getting upset at your partner or children again.

In truth, the idea of balance looks different for everyone, so it may be more of an idea of what feels good to you. When in your life do you feel as though you have everything lined up and in the right places?

Think about:

  • How much you need to sleep – The more rested you are, the calmer you can be. However, not everyone needs eight hours of sleep, so think about how much rest is right for you.
  • How much food you need to eat/what kinds – The better the fuel you put into your body, the better you will feel. Think about what nourishes you and your energy levels.
  • How much you need to play – You can’t work all the time. You also need moments when you have unstructured playtime.
  • How much you need spiritual practices – No matter what you might believe, taking a few moments a day to connect with something bigger than you can remind you where you are balanced.
  • How much you need connection with others – Reaching out to others in your life can also remind you of what balance is and how to keep things in perspective.
  • How much you need to be responsible for – Even though you need to work in order to pay your bills, this doesn’t mean you need to be responsible for all of the tasks in your life. Find ways to only take care of the tasks you need to take care of, nothing more or less.

When you start to think about what’s important to you, as well as what makes you feel better, then you can begin to bring more balance into your life. When you start to think about how you can better support yourself, the idea of balance becomes natural and simple.

But you need to know what it looks like first – and what it feels like for you.

You may compare notes with a friend who things balance is about working really hard for five days in a row and then playing hard for three days in a row. That might work well for them – and that’s perfectly fine.

Your balance is your balance, just as your life is your life. Find your balance and you’ll find your happiness.

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