Our Tarot Card of the week: The Devil

Tarot readingsThe tarot card associated with the 15th week of the year is none other than the Devil! But never fear, the Devil card does not represent evil... Rather, it symbolizes being bound to indulgence and material things.

Keywords associated with the Devil tarot card: Upright - ambition, desire, responsibility, determined, security, money, power Reversed - greed, temptation, obsession, addiction, manipulation, struggle, oppression


Upright meaning:

When the Devil card lands in the upright position it reveals an over-focus on the material world. There is great ambition and a tremendous desire to succeed at any cost; however, spiritual needs have often been left abandoned.

Reversed meaning:

When the Devil card is in the reversed position it discloses some form of bondage connected with the material world. There is a situation happening (or will happen) that involves enslavement to the darker aspects of life such as addiction, obsession or even criminality.

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