Oranum Psychic of the Week: Earthangels

The featured Expert of the week: Earthangels"Born in a Christian family, brought up around the Buddhist culture I would not categorize myself when it comes to religions. I do believe in god, but in my own loving version of the mighty creator... I don't believe god is watching to judge or curse us... Though I know I am a spiritual being and I knew always that there is something extraordinary out there. Since I was a little girl, I've always seen spirits. They were just like us, wanted to feel loved and find a place where they belong. I often see them at the corner of my eyes or just appear then disappear, some I have even made friends with and watched them go to the light. Many miles and journeys and many stories to be shared.

I am forever grateful for my gifts and opportunities to share with you, I have worked as a professional reader (psychic) and healer for the past 8 years, I work at spiritual centers, where I practice my channeling and run workshops, also retreats, I do private sessions and hold meditation groups. I can also perform hypnosis as part of healing to help people recover from grief, stress, anxiety, addiction and phobias or simply using hypnosis as therapy (I am a trained and qualified practitioner). I am also a qualified Life Coach and NLP practitioner.

I work very closely with the crystals of the earth, I can shift vibrations, move energies, heal and cleanse using my intention, my readings are given through energy readings, vibration readings, sounds, colors, auras, chakras, cards (I use many decks including some tarots) and that’s all with your permission. I can connect and communicate with your guardian angels (we all have at least one), spirit guides, ancestors, or loved ones who have passed.

I am here to assist you in your time of need. It is my passion to deliver to you clarity, comfort and joy for this is your birth right. Unconditional Love, Earthangels"

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