Oranum Featured Expert of the Week: TheTarotCafe

Expert of the week: TheTarotCafe"Life has a sort of spindle when it comes to you like a journey. It has no start and no ending, just like the universe in its passage through black holes and galaxies alike. But the way the stars coordinate just as our cards align is what makes the difference between awakening one’s realities and seeing what to do with them.

My name is Delphi Alexandrova. I come from Bulgaria with roots that go back to gypsy elders and French voodoo queens, but I can’t say that this is the reason to my origins. Like every awakening, it comes like a mistake and then it goes into practice. I started my practice with tarot cards and transitioned into gypsy cards, a very nice resource to pick up when telling one’s livelihood in the way of a story. You have your pasts, your present, and your futures but there will always be an obstacle in the snare of your opportunities. I hope that I am able to give you the remedy to crumble away all those variables that stray you from a righteous path. With the help of my gypsy cards and Gilded Tarot Cards, anything is possible so long as there is breath in the very sanctum of your body. It is just as eternal as the universe and so it lives in you through reincarnation.

If you don’t know what to ask me but find comfort in the chat presence, I encourage you to linger at let me learn more about your energies before an invite to the private chat. I encourage anyone really to feel comfortable with their psychic before engaging into an inquisition. Our time is devoted to people with questions like yourself. There’s no need to feel strained by patience. We expect your company and expect the frustrations you must feel whether you feel curious or hopeless in your current gloss of the world. Like the many that have entered Oranum before me, I intend to help you open your eyes to the remedies this universe has to offer us. You don’t need to know the words to know what life means to you. TheTarotCafe."

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