Oranum Featured Expert of the Week: Kelly Callaghan

oranum featured expert Kelly Callaghan"Hello, my name is Kelly and I have the unique pleasure of being both a Psychic and a Medium. As a Psychic I connect with Spirit Guides and Angels to answer questions and help you on your life path. As a Medium, I am able to connect and have conversations with your loved ones who have crossed over / passed away.

I aim to provide valid confirmation of your loved ones. I do not believe in giving generic information. After we make a connection, I provide my clients with accurate, factual details that will leave them with the KNOWLEDGE that they have just connected with their loved ones through Spirit. This gift I am most grateful for.

I have been able to assist in healing many broken hearts over the years by connecting loved ones with their friends and families here on Earth. I also enjoy my Psychic work because it allows me to teach people that their future are in their own hands. A psychic reading will show you which direction your life is currently heading, BUT that does not mean you cannot change it. I enjoy teaching people all I know about how our feelings create our experience here on Earth and that whatever we are FEELING must be matched with a future experience.

I am known and relied upon for my accuracy in Psychic readings and my gift of Mediumship. I approach this work with as much honesty and humility as I can and I am eternally grateful for the lives. I am able to touch and the healing I am able to be a part of." Kelly can help you connect with both living and departed loved ones.

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