Oranum Featured Expert of the Week is: TXMEDIUM

Oranum Expert TXMEDIUM"This is TXMEDIUM. Who are you? Do you TRULY know? No worries, I didn't know either until my energy began growing up in new and fun ways which led me to this whole new world of my gifts and passions. Never in a million years would I have even thought I would be a teacher of energy since I used to be a teacher of academic material. Yes, I was a public education teacher for 11 years. No more! I now teach people like you how to better utilize their energy body and grow the energy up in new ways that align more with the planet's energies. The bonus is that I also work on the unconscious mind so when the energy is in transformation your thoughts are also neutralized and re-framed so the new behaviors created hold in place.

How do I do this you may ask? 

Easy....all I need is you, me and permission from your energy for me to 'work' in it. I do this by simply having a conversation with you. I immediately feed into your energy body and like a doctor I diagnose what is happening in the energy that needs repair and then I move simultaneously into the unconscious mind to re-frame the thoughts that are creating the energy body to 'misbehave.'

I use various communication tools within myself such as my Empath, Psychic Perception, Mediumship, Healing Energies, Neuro-Linguistic Modalities, Shamanistic Story Telling and my gift of Timeline in order for me to appropriately diagnose, repair and then tie up the energy system so you can move closer to your outcomes.

It looks easy and to me it is; however it took me A LOT of work and interesting experiences to ignite these gifts and then learn how to use them in the highest of ethics and ecology.

So, are we meant to meet yet? The Texas Psychic Medium." Chat with her now!

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