October 11 : The Full Moon in Aries

As the moon grows into fullness on October 11, it becomes the herald of a new time for each of us.  While we might begin to wonder more about what our place in the world is, we realize that it is our actions that propel us forward and that cause us to see things in a new light, quite literally.  With the Full Moon in Aries, we begin to notice the energy of the first zodiac sign, a time of beginnings where what once seemed impossible or out of reach is now a promise being made.  But will you keep the promises you tell yourself? 

You are the Authority 

One of the energies of Aries is independence and a willingness to do things on one’s own.  While this might not be a settling thought to some, the opportunity to make your own choices and decide your own fate can give you more power than you realize.  When you do not depend on others, you create the possibility of responsibility for the outcomes you have in your life, which also means you can feel the true power of your successes.  Taking control of your decisions and listening to your own drive is essential for the positive outcome you seek.  At the same time, the streak of independence you begin to feel at this Full Moon may come across as selfishness, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

Bringing Everyone Together 

When we are able to make our selves happy and when we are ready to create a bold new direction, we will inspire change.  Once we begin to move forward, others will follow.  And it’s not something that you need to try hard to achieve.  In fact, people are empowered when you are empowered and this Full Moon provides the inspiration to begin it now.  As everyone begins to step into their power, it affects change in subtle, yet strong ways.  One person changes one life, which changes another life, which can change an entire world. 

What Promises Can You Make? 

In this Full Moon, ask yourself what promises you need to make to yourself and only to yourself.  Though it might appear that you are focusing only on your needs, realize that the energy of new beginnings is one that becomes infectious.  You will create courage in others to spark their own fullness and they own growing.  Though the moon begins to darken after the Full Moon, the promise you make is one that you can whisper to yourself over and over, allowing it to wash over you and to guide you into the next cycle of the moon. 

The Aries Full Moon wants you to rise up and listen to the needs of your heart and your community.  Whether you take action on the Full Moon or you simply promise to make changes that need to be made, realize this is a time when the universe is aligned to support you - just as it always is.

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