November 28 – Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse November 28Imagine what it must have been like in the past to see the moon be covered in darkness. The first time a person saw this phenomenon, they might have gotten scared that the moon was disappearing or the night was going to take over. But today, we understand how the moon and the sun align to create these shadows. During the month of November, there are two eclipse events, and the lunar eclipse toward the end of the month allows us to think about our own darkness.

We believe that we need to be bright all the time, that we need to be happy in order to be ‘okay.’ During a lunar eclipse, it can be a good time to think about what the dark parts of yourself might be, or what parts of yourself you might be hiding. When you can think about this, you can begin to think about how you can bring these parts of yourself out into the light.

Some ways to bring darker parts out include: 

  • Talking to others – Try to talk to others about things that you are thinking or feeling. They can help you better understand what you might be experiencing in your life. With a good friend, you can talk about how you can move through the darker times.
  • Writing in a journal – If you’d rather leave your feelings inside, then writing the in a journal is a way to still get them out, without having to talk. The more you write, the more you begin to understand who you are.
  • Doing something risky – Each day before and after the eclipse, try to do something that you would never normally do. Find out what happens when you take risks. You may find out that you are more capable than you thought you could be.
  • Facing a fear – If you are afraid of something, this is a great time to try to overcome it or at least name that you have fears. With a friend, talk about ways that you can face these fears so you’re not always hidden in the shadows.

The more you can engage in your shadow aspects, the more comfortable you can become with yourself and with others. As you begin to emerge from your own personal eclipse, you begin to shine. You begin to see that others aren’t focusing on your darkness, though they do crave your light.

During this time, it’s a good idea to reflect on the idea that the world is moving into a more positive energy. In order to ensure this energy is sustainable, we need to be able to accept the parts of ourselves that we hide. Even if we don’t reveal everything that we hide, we can begin to think about what it would be life to be free of our secrets.

That too is something that is as frightening as seeing the moon begin to disappear. But it’s something that can change the way we see the world.

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