November 24 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

Imagine what it must have been like for earlier people to see a solar eclipse.  When the sun is suddenly blocked by the shadow of the Earth or Moon, people might have begun to wonder if the sun was ever coming back.  Since the sun provides energy for growing food, people of the past realized the danger of not having the sun return.  Today, we can understand that these eclipses are a time of change, but a time when the sun will indeed return.  During this November’s solar eclipse, you can begin to harness the power of the moment of uncertainty, and create a new vision for the days after the sun returns. 

Creating New Energies 

When the solar eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, it is a time of great change in the world.  This is a time when all of the actions you have taken up to this point become more grounded in your consciousness, allowing you to see that all of the hard work up to this point was for a good cause.  Even though you might have been challenged by the work you have done during the last few months, this is a time when you see the results, and the results are pushing you in an even more positive direction.  The old ways of living don’t fit anymore, however, so you can also feel challenged by this experience. 

Away with the Old 

The most difficult part of any life change is realizing that the way you used to live will not work anymore.  You need to create an entirely new life in which you are living the way you want to live, supporting the life you want to create.  You might need to leave old habits behind and you may need to stop old ways of thinking.  Letting go of these old patterns can cause pain at first, since you realize that your old choices were not as healthy as you once thought they were, and you may need to remove people and circumstances that do not support positive living. 

Destruction Leads to Rebirth 

In this solar eclipse comes an opportunity to be grateful for all of the lessons you have learned.  This is a time in which you can begin to thank the habits you’ve had and the patterns you’ve held as being necessary at the time you created them.  But once you begin to let go of these old ways, you can reform your life into a new possibility.  This is a time of great hope and even wonder as you begin to live a different life.  You begin to see that you are creating change and that you are creating a new world in which all things are possible. 

As the sun disappears from the sky for a moment, thank the energy of the sun for its ability to give you energy as well.  And in that moment, consider what you will do to release the ways that do not serve you.  The one constant in life is change, and this is something to be celebrated.

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