New Moon January 22/23 The Impact of Aquarius

You already know the song of the Age of Aquarius, but what does this mean when the moon is full? During the beginning of the year, this is a time when the shift becomes palpable - and the new dawning seems to be unavoidable. 2012 is already associated with great changes, and this first new moon can be the time when you implement changes into your life that can carry you through the rest of the months. 

A New Sense of Knowledge 

At the beginning of the year, you probably already feel like you have new opportunities abounding, and new possibilities for your life. But this energy is happening all around the world too, so it’s building and it’s causing a universal shift, not just one instead of yourself. This new sense of knowledge is something you might want to track since it could be giving you some ideas about how to handle difficult situations coming up in the world and in your personal life. As the moon moves into the new phase in Aquarius, this is also a time for you to start listening to yourself and to what you already know to be true. 

How to be Courageous 

When we begin to hear about new things we should consider and new ways that we can approach life, we wonder if we have enough courage to follow through. With the new moon in Aquarius, you will begin to feel a bit more vulnerable, more than you have in the past. And this is not a bad thing. What matters now is that you take the time to push through your feelings so that you can understand how to change yourself and the world for the better. You need to stand up in this new energy and remind yourself that change is what makes things better - standing still is what makes things, well, stay the same. 

Change Doesn’t Mean Everything Will be Different 

For many, the idea of change is scary because they think this means everything will be different, but this is not the case. Instead, you need to remember that change is an opportunity for things to be BETTER. Sure, some things will need to change completely, but you can adjust. Those things that don’t change are the things that didn’t need to change anyway. If you’re worried about not being able to recognize your life after the new moon in Aquarius, you might come to understand that you didn’t really recognize it before. It looks much clearer after you make some big changes. 

When the new moon settles into Aquarius at the end of January 2012, it’s time for you to consider what it means to change. You need to take a deep breath, think about all of the good that change can offer, and then boldly accept those changes. Will things be rough one in a while? Of course.  But without any change, things can never get better. Without change, this world can’t become as amazing as we hope it to be.

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