New Moon in Taurus – April 21

New Moon in TaurusWhether you’re an earth sign or not, the New Moon in Taurus is a time for bringing more grounded energy into your life. While the last few months may have been a time for great change and dynamic dreams, this new phase of the moon offers an opportunity to check in with yourself and with the direction you intend to go next. In this moment of respite, you can finally listen to the beating of your own heart, and what it has to say to you.

Rest Easy

Being grounded isn’t something that is valued in society today. We are expected to move and to continue to move, even when we aren’t actively pursuing a goal. When we are always moving, it can become challenging to remember what our goals are and what we truly want to do with our lives in order to be extraordinary. So, during this new moon, take some time to rest and to be alone with yourself. Listen to what your heart and your body need during this time, allowing for the possibility that being at rest is simply enough.

Check in with the Earth

Another good way to tap into the energy of the Taurus new moon is to think about the world around you, especially nature. Take time to go outside and to see what is around you. If you’re not near a park, take time to sit in a tub of hot water and allow your mind to image the natural surroundings of the mountains or a forest. Think about the way that these systems support each other and how they are able to connect to your desire to be more still. Look around at nature when you can, looking to see what the trees or the earth might be trying to tell you when you’re finally looking up and taking notice.

Community Connectedness

Becoming more grounded isn’t just a message of being more quiet and still, but also finding the places where you can feel this way, even when life is out of control. Find the people that allow you to feel relaxed and be with them during this new moon. Perhaps you can all enjoy nature together, or you can connect over a home-cooked dinner that reminds you of connections and feeling supported, just as the earth supports you every day. Plan time to be with your family as well, since they are the source of who you are.

This new moon in Taurus is a time of getting back to what’s most important – you. While you might be busy with plenty of other things in your life, this period of time is an opportunity for you to remember what you are when the world isn’t expecting things of you. Stop, listen, and look around. The moon is emerging and beginning to grow, and when you are able to plant your roots in this energy, you will grow all the stronger and taller as a result.

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