New Moon in Libra – October 15

New Moon in LibraIt’s no surprise to anyone that follows the moon that the New Moon is an auspicious time every month. During this time, we have an opportunity to do something new, to try something different, and to reveal something that we might not have been able to expose before. With this New Moon in Libra, we have an opportunity to try something on – diplomacy.

The world has been changing, rapidly, and we’ve seen it in the elections, the weather, and in our personal relationships. As though the world is building to something bigger, it’s become clear that the world is moving into a new time. No matter what you think about the idea of 2012 and the Mayan prophesies, it’s clear that people are starting to speak up about their own truth – and it might not always appeal to you.

No matter what sign you are, it’s hard to hear opinions that are in conflict with what you believe. While you might try to brush them off, you still have a sense of righteousness and a desire to jump in and show someone else they are wrong. But during this New Moon, you can consider the possibility that all sides have something to say. By being diplomatic in the way you interact with others, you can open up your ears and your heart to new ways of thinking.

As you do this, you are going to hear things you don’t like. Instead of responding, try to ask more questions about what they think and why they think the way they do. When you take this time as an opportunity for understanding, you might begin to see why others are just as passionate about their side of the conversation.

Diplomacy isn’t about saying that others are right, nor is it about changing your own ideas. Instead, try to be the person who can see both sides and respect both sides. Your task right now isn’t to change the way that someone else thinks, but rather to find a way to show them what you think without dismissing their ideas. This is not easy work and it certainly isn’t something that will happen overnight.

Some ways to be more diplomatic include:

  • Be an active listener – When you’re listening to someone else talk, make sure that you are active in this listening. Nod your head when you agree, ask questions if you don’t understand. The more you can engage, the more the other person will feel respected, even if you don’t agree with them.
  • Avoid trying to change minds – Focus on conversations as opportunities to learn, instead of opportunities to make someone else think the way you do.
  • Speak with everyone – Instead of avoiding people who you dislike or whose opinions you dislike, listen to everyone and expose yourself to as many conversations as possible.

During this New Moon, you want to focus more on the idea of weighing both sides and thinking about what it all means. You may not change your opinions, but listening ensures others don’t immediately dismiss you.

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