Money Spells

With the tough economy many people are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  While some are taking second jobs others are not as fortunate to have the opportunity.  Each of us works hard for our money to live a comfortable life.  When financial difficulties arise, our lives are not so comfortable, but stressed and most of us need to find a solution.  The good news is there are solutions to remedy the problem and lessen the burden and that is the art of magic and money spells which are cast to attract money easier.  Money spells are cast to attract money and to help create a more comfortable life.  

While some are skeptic of magic others are open and consider it part of their lifestyle.  For those that are skeptic and finding themselves in financial hardships, it would not hurt to give magic a try.  The whole idea behind magic is that you must believe in it fin order for it to work.  A positive attitude creates positive energy and positive results.  So, if you are a skeptic with negative energies, it is important to wash the energy out.  Do a little research, read a little and begin to understand magic and that money spells are helping people to make ends meet. 

There are many authentic spell casters that can cast a money spell that work.  An authentic spell caster will explain how the spell works and what is needed.  They will take the time to get to know you and your situation.  They will explain how and why magic money spells work.  The Internet is a wonderful place for spell casters who are offering such services.  While some may see this as an unconventional means to get money, it is a means that is helping and one that works.    

Money spells may be as simple as beginning with affirmations to focus your mind and begin to create the positive energy such as changing “money flows into my life” each night before going to bed.  Focus on your worst thoughts that your situation is leading to and say out loud, ten times “this is not going to happen”.  On paper, write down the amount of money that you need and a list of what you are going to do with the money.  With a green candle, representing money, perform your spell.  Picture how the money will lighten your life and ease your stress and chant “I am open to receive”.  Begin to eat grains such as brown rice with raisin to represent money coming into your life.  Cedar and patchouli oil can draw financial opportunities, burn them during your spells and place a dab of bayberry or min oil on your forehead after your shower and breathe the sent will focusing on financial security.

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