Mercury Retrograde What It Means for You

Between November 24 to December 14, 2011, Mercury will be in retrograde, and for some people, this can be a nerve-wracking time.  During this time, Mercury will appear to be going backwards in the sky, and that can signal a time of communication troubles and concerns for many.  But does this time have to be difficult?  Not necessarily so.  By learning how to work with these times of retrograde, you can begin to see changes in the planets to be a positive thing, a time when you can grow as a person and a time when you can cultivate new beginnings. 

Possible Retrograde Troubles 

You might already know that Mercury retrograde is a time when communication can become challenging.  During this time, you might experience travel issues, more arguments with your loved ones, etc.  Some people find that they are less likely to communicate effectively, leading to hurt feelings, while others find that their communication equipment (i.e. email, phone, cell phones, etc.) doesn’t work as well as it normally does.  You might find that emails go missing, that you don’t get voice-mails when you expect them, causing others to think you’re out of the loop in your communication.  And it can be frustrating for you as well, since you might not understand the problem and you may have troubles fixing up the issues. 

Changing the Way You Look at Retrograde 

What you may want to take from this time is that instead of communicating quickly, you might want to start choosing your words more carefully.  This is a time in which you can carefully consider what you are saying, how you are saying it, and what you might want to do in order to get your message across.  For some, thinking about Mercury retrograde as a time for introspection is more positive.  You might want to stay away from difficult conversations, choosing instead to think about your position before you share your ideas.  Spend time journaling and thinking in a quiet space, helping to create the best possible idea in your mind when you’re finally ready to speak as the retrograde period ends. 

When You Can’t Avoid Communication 

The reality is that you can’t avoid talking to everyone during a Mercury Retrograde period, so you might want to think about checking and double-checking your communication methods during this time.  If you send an email and you don’t get a response, check in with the person to see if the message arrived before thinking they are upset with you or avoiding you.  In terms of plans that you make during this time, double-check those as well to avoid problems and misunderstandings. 

Instead of thinking that Mercury retrograde is a time when everything might go wrong, this is a time when you can create a new way of thinking and communicating.  By being careful with your words and being clear about your intentions, you can survive the planetary shift and you can create a more positive outcome for the relationships in which communication is vital for your success.

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