Mercury in Leo: Passion and Ideas

Mercury in LeoAnyone even a little familiar with astrology and the zodiac knows that Mercury can wreak havoc in our lives. Mercury in retrograde or reverse is even more confounding for the maintenance of the best things in life. Mercury is known to cause trouble with the details of everyday life, to me arrogant and unrealistic, inflexible and causing problems with short attention spans.

However when Mercury is in Leo – the regal and passionate sun sign – the result is a passion for ideas. Mercury has a short attention span so anything moving into Mercury in Leo will draw passionate attention for a short period of time. You will generate tons of ideas during this time but you have to act fast or you will lose them to Mercury. If you act fast enough before Mercury loses interest and focus you will be able to inspire others with your ideas as well.

If you are born with Mercury in Leo you are a passionate and dramatic character who has no room for the mundane or routine in your life. You might be an outstanding leader and a great speaker. You can corral ideas with a genuine passion that others will follow. You might be an actor, a speaker or even a minister. Whatever you do – passion with ideas and the ability to express them in ways that inspire others will be your calling card.

You are a social being exuding warmth but only when your own passion is evoked. If your heart is not in it you cannot ‘fake it till you make it’. Faking is not in your lexicon. You are authentic in your passion and you cannot sell any idea that you are not passionate about. There is just too much energy with Mercury in Leo for you to fake anything. You are able to generate idea after idea so you can see no benefit in faking anything. You put all of yourself into the ideas you generate and you expect others to respond in kind.

Because you are a Leo your ego is front and center and you need to be rewarded for your ideas. You need others to respond in kind to your energy around your ideas. Being a prideful Leo, you have to be careful not to retreat when you don’t get that response you are looking for. If there is a temptation for you it is in your Leo pride. You can over dramatize the truth and get shot down for it.

If Mercury is in your Leo sign you will certainly not go through life unnoticed. You will be a leader and a storyteller of the most amazing kind. Just keep your Leo ego in check and the truth at the forefront and you will certainly succeed as a leader, an actor, an artist and a soul mate. You will attract others to your passion like moths to a flame. Be careful that no one gets burned.

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