Meditate and Reflect While Mercury is in Retrograde October 21st

Mercury is in Retrograde October 21stThree or four times every year there is an astrological phenomenon known as Mercury in retrograde. Now we know that a planet cannot move in reverse. Mercury in retrograde when actually looking at the stars is simply an optical illusion. Mercury slows down and appears to stop and then reverse. This illusion is similar to the one you can cause by speeding past a slower car. It can appear that the slower car is moving in reverse when it is not.

Communication Issues

However, it is an astrological event that has a strong effect on every one of us. First you have to understand that Mercury in astrology is about communication. The messenger among the gods and the stars is Mercury. So when Mercury is moving in reverse, you can have problems with communication of the message. This is why you shouldn't sign any contracts or make any agreements when Mercury is in retrograde. Communication is confused, and communication devices might not work properly.

This is an issue because our culture is now run on communication devices starting with everything that contains a computer chip – computers, phones, GPSs, televisions, satellites and much, much more. When Mercury is in retrograde the message can get scrambled, the delivery dates mixed up, there can be delays, cancelations and there can even be downtime.

Meditate and Reflect

The good news is that Mercury in retrograde does create downtime. This is a time for stopping and reflecting. This is only possible if you are willing to let go of the stress of the delays and miscommunications. If you can do this, then you can take advantage of the downtime for personal reflection. If you can see through the stress this could be a time of reflecting on the past, finding hidden clues from the past, and you can fix something you had thought was long over. It is a time for seeing what you did not see the first time you dealt with an issue. Patterns might be clearer now that things have slowed down.

For most people, however, it is not a time of reflection. That opportunity gets lost among the communication errors and the stress that they can cause. Mercury is retrograde for up to six or eight weeks. Also it happens at least three times a year. That is a lot of stress if you let it be.

Mercury is retrograde from October 21st to November 11th. If you are too wrapped up in the cyber world, prepare for a disconnect. If on the other hand you just use these tools efficiently to enhance your life, you might not experience any negative effects. Remember though no matter what happens this is a chance to slow down, to be introspective, and to fix something you could not fix in the past. Embrace Mercury in retrograde and you might just find it is a friend not a foe.

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